Mountain Bike (2)Cycling is a wonderful way to explore the beautiful countryside of Malta. The island’s attractions include wonderful coastal landscapes and a range of rich archaeological and environmental treasures. Cycling provides enjoyment, exercise and well-being, with minimal impact on the environment.

This guidebook provides detailed maps of cycling routes on Malta, together with a description of the noteworthy features that lie along or close to each route. This guide also describes the background (historical, cultural and environmental) of the key points of interest to increase your understanding and pleasure. Allowing time for admiring the sights, each cycle route represents a day’s adventure. The suggested routes also encourage you to stop at specific locations from where short walks can bring you to impressive features that cannot be directly reached by bike. The routes are mostly along level roads though there are a number of inclines that some might find a little challenging. However all the routes can be done by anyone with an average level of fitness. Importantly, this practical guide provides a listing of the outlets from which bikes can be hired as well as invaluable advice on support issues such as when best to visit, accommodation, safety tips and bus and ferry information. The sections on archaeology, geology and wildlife will add considerably to your understanding and appreciation of this most pleasant Mediterranean island.

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Each route:map 8

  • Is of moderate length and most can be extended or shortened to suit individual tastes
  • Leads you past a variety of landscapes and features of historical, environmental and cultural interest
  • Is described in detail and is accompanied by a clear map
  • Is supported by a context section which gives an overview of the History, Geology, Plants and Wildlife of Malta so that you get a fuller understanding and appreciation of the many fascinating features of its environment and culture.

The books also provide details on practical aspects such as Weather, Safety, Buses, Ferries and Accommodation. The routes can be undertaken by any reasonably fit person with a good bicycle.

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