Great Cycling in Malta and Gozo

The historic islands of Gozo and Malta provides wonderful opportunities for cycling, with assets including a beautiful natural environment and a range of rich archaeological and cultural treasures. There are few other places in the world which offer such an array of impressive and readily accessible features. The islands has been inhabited from the earliest times and possesses many stone-age monuments, some among the best in the world. The islands are so small that on any one cycle you can encounter a variety of interesting features. The wonderful Mediterannean climate  makes oudoor activities a pleasure!

To help you get the most from your excursions we offer the following eBooks which include comprehensive maps and route descriptions (Click on the book title for details and a sample):

Cycling Gozo

Cycling Malta

These guides are aimed at readers who enjoy cycling, not just for its own sake but because it can take them through landscapes great beauty and past key sites of interest. The books contain detailed maps and route descriptions (see Table of Contents) and include comprehensive information on the main sites of touristic interest that lie along each route. The guides also contain advice on where to hire a bike, weather and climate and other practical issues.

To Purchase

The books cannot be bought in bookshops throughout Malta and Gozo. They can be purchased directly through this site, as an eBook, which costs €6.00. The eBooks are in PDF format and are suitable for viewing on a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. The payment can be made by credit card (using the secure PayPal system) or directly through a PayPal account.


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